Beaches of Kerala

Beaches: The coastline of Kerala is almost equals to the length of this tiny strip of land. More than 500 kilometers, the beaches of Kerala are of different kind at different parts.


Just 13 Kilometers from Thiruvananthapuram is the Kovalam beach. Kovalam is most known beach in Kerala, which has set its mark in the international tourist map. The beach is shallow and is crescent shaped with rocky cliffs on both the sides. Adjacent to this beach are two other beaches called the lighthouse beach and the hawa beach. Towards the south there are other beaches too which got popular with the upcoming of resorts. Kovalam was known internationally even during the reign of maharajas. It was the spot were royal banquets were organized. It was a hub for tan seeker during the 60s and after a decade it was converted into a backpacker destination. Today it’s a family destination with good infrastructure and accommodation facilities. An artificial reef is installed, which makes it a beach for water sport  activities too.

Varkala Beach

Varkiala Beach

Not far from Kovalam is the Varkala beach is a calm beach in the district of Thiruvanthapuram.  Varkala is a swimmers paradise. Sun bathing is common, and the beach is equipped with good accommodation facilities. Since Kovalam is too famous, most tourists who seek swimming and tanning would opt for Varkala beach, as it is less crowded and facilities like beach beds and umbrellas are available. Restaurants and accommodation facilities are available nearby.

Alleppey beach

Alleppey beach is a place to hang out. The beach is a best place for an evening outing to watch the sunset. One can find the ruins of the old sea bridge, where the goods which came from the ships were carried out to the shores. Nothing more than rinsing your leg is possible. Three are good sea facing restaurant, beer parlors and other curio and handicraft shops nearby. Jogging is a possible option if you staying in Alleppey and you can find a lot of fish auctions during early mornings.

Marari beach

MyKerala - Experiences - Beaches - Marari beach

Another calm beach close to Alleppey where swimming and sun bathing is possible. It’s a remote beach and a fishermen’s cove. Privacy is to the best at this village beach. Marari is not an activity oriented beach, more over its an experience away from the bustling crowd were you relax with the breezy wind and enjoy the vibe of the beach and the unending ocean.  A few luxury resorts are nearby and it’s really a beach village experience. A few homes stays or beach homes have come up in Marari where you can find budgeted accommodations. Accommodation options are very few unless otherwise you are looking for a luxury stay.

Cherai Beach

MyKerala - Experiences - Beaches - Cherai Beach

Cherai very much close to Cochin is part of “Muziris” – A 2000 year old port town of Cranganore, where traders from all around the world came for trading. Being a beach in the Vypin Island, Cherai is a bustling beach with the backwaters adjacent to it. A tourist walkway is very much close by adjacent to the estuary which connects the sea and the backwaters. The beach is good place for swimming; weekends would be a bit crowded, as it is the spot where everyone comes for an evening outing. The beach extension towards south is really private and is suitable for sunbathing; swimming is not advisable unless you are within the sight of a life guard. Beach resorts are coming up and the and there are restaurants and beer parlors on the beach.


This is a beach in Thrissur with activities during once in a year, with beach races and beach festivals. Almost like Marari beach, Nattika is a village beach in the district of Thrissur. Being a less explored beach Nattika is place where the beach is silent, calm and unexplored. Luxury accommodation facilities are available in this small village beach.

Muzhappilangad Beach

Between Kannur and Thallassery is the 5 Kilometer drive inn beach, the only drive inn beach in Kerala. The beach has black rocks as forts to protect it from the currents. 200 meters towards south is the Darmadm Island on the sea. When the currents are low, one could easily walk to the island. Beach is almost like roads where you could see a lot of vehicles moving around. There are shops close to the beach.

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