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Athirapally and Vazhachal waterfalls are a symbol of raw beauty and power. These two waterfalls are within the sholayar ranges and are on the course of the Chalakudy River. More than a waterfall, both of these have much more to offer. Being in the forest, the drive to Athirapally itself is a refreshing one. Even before you reach, you could see the waterfalls from distant sights and hear the roaring sounds. By road Athirapally comes first and then Vazhachal waterfalls. You can enter this plastic free zone with a single ticket for both the water falls. There is a water theme parks on the way, So if you leave in morning you could see the waterfalls and on the way back pay a visit to these water theme parks and make the day more enjoyable. There is no accommodation available nearby; you would need to travel back to chalakudy to find an accommodation. Light eatable are available close to the waterfalls.

Vazhachal waterfalls

MyKerala - Experiences - Waterfalls - Vazhachal Waterfalls

Vazhachal is more of a very slanting waterfall and is first among both of them as the river flows down. Even though it has a very slanted shape, it has its own beauty. The beauty is best enjoyed during the monsoons. A park is set up close to the waterfall where one could easily capture the view of the falls comfortably. Considering it to be a picnic spot there are lot of people who visit Vazhachal every day. There are seats made of wood so that you can spend some time there. One could easily identify the thick evergreen forest on the other side of the flowing river.

Athirapally waterfalls

The famous one among the lot, at an eighty feet high cliff, the Chalakudy River gushes through small ridges making it a very aggressive waterfall called Athirapally waterfalls. This plastic free eco friendly zone is truly a close to nature spot. There are places where you can take a dip with strong ropes and nets are tied up for safety. Just like Vazhachal, Athirapally is best enjoyed during the monsoons in Kerala i.e. June to September. There are steps constructed with wood and mud by which one can go to the bottom of the water fall. You can climb down eighty feet and see the amazing view of the falls from the downhill. There are no words to explain this energetic environment. There are guards all over the place, as going too much close to the water in the uphill is not advisable. Since it is within the reserved forest, the area is considered to be an eco tourism zone. If you are really lucky enough, you can spot a hornbill.


Water theme parks named Dream World and Silver Storm are very much close to Athirapally. If you could go it Athirapally by morning then you could spend a day at one of these water theme parks. There you can find all sorts of games and activities. Children will enjoy this place the most.

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