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The most important part is how you should put them on before your big game start; you need to slide each foot into the knee pads and then pull the pads up to your knee. The larger padding should always be in front and the adjustment bit at the back of your knee. Read more information about the stretch bit and the adjustment procedures. All knee pads should always be worn slightly below your kneecap for the full protection of your knee. With the knee pads in the right position, all you need ...

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So, it would fit in just between being too tight or loose, and this is the perfect fit. You can check it by pulling the knee pad downwards; if it comes down quickly, then it’s a bit loose. While a tight fit would make the knee pad clung on the top of the calf muscle. It is better to let the part of the pad be a bit looser than the lower band.

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How to know which volleyball knee pad type or fit is right for you? If you find knee pads that are so comfortable that is feels as if you are not wearing knee pads at all, you can count that as a great indicator that the knee pads are perfect for you. Of course, there are many other things people look at when searching for their knee pads. Often the design of the knee pads, their appearance, and even their price play a huge role in people’s decision to buy one knee pad set over other.

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A Libero needs a knee pad that provides wide coverage and adequate padding for extra protection. The best knee pad for libero should cover the lateral, medial, and patella areas of the knee to protect the player from the defensive duties’ injury risks. Are Nike volleyball knee pads good? Nike volleyball knee pads are some of the best.

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This knee pad focuses on movement and offers minimal restriction. It is available in different sizes; small, which is 13.5 inches or lower, medium, which ranges from 13.5 to 15. 5 inches and of course large, which is from 15.5inches and above. VolleyCountry Volleyball Knee Pads.

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For proper fittings, check your knee pads; you can try the thumb rule as your knee pads are snug but still can accommodate your thumb means it its a perfect fit. HOW TO PROPERLY WEAR VOLLEYBALL KNEE PADS? Wearing your knee pads for volleyball is a bit technical than other sports like cycling and skating. You might have observed that the volleyball players wear their kneepads a bit below their kneecaps.

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Younger volleyball players should purchase thick padded knee pads to protect the knee as much as possible. Younger athletes often have less experience and therefore do not know how to properly dive yet to protect their knees, therefore the more protection the better. Older, more experienced athletes do not normally require knee pads to be extremely thick because they've learned the appropriate way to dive.


Knee pads must not compress your knees and impede blood circulation in legs, but should still be close-fitting enough. Even when you have them on you should be able to flex your knee fully. You usually forget you're wearing them after you've warmed up.